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March 7, 2014

The Management of Dynamic Life Style of Shorin-Ryu Inc. announced the opening of the first Dojo located in Grand Ravine Community Centre on March 15, 2014. Opening of the next and future Dojos in Aurora, New Market, and Toronto areas will be announced later.

The Directors and Officers of the above Corporation received their initial Stock Certificates. The First Major Shareholders of Dynamic Life Style of Shorin-Ryu Inc. are the following  (Click on the Certificate to expand the picture):

Rodolfo P. Gerochi – Managing Director
Rodolfo Gerochi

Ricardo P. Gerochi – Board Director

Ricardo Gerochi

Joe Eigo – Board Director

Joe Eigo 3

Remedios Jacintos – Officer

Remedios Jacentos

Dynamic Life Style of Shorin-Ryu  Inc. is a private Corporation with shares of stocks acquisition limited only to members thru conversion of accumulated point cards into Shares of Stocks. This means that Shares of Stocks are not for sale, but in order to own stocks of this Corporation, “Point Cards” has to be earned first. “The Point Cards” with corresponding values in Cdn. Dollars could be converted either into cash or Shares of stocks. Details on how to be a member and accumulate “Point Cards” will be communicated to all members during the Dojo opening on Saturday – March 15, 2014.
Information of the Grand Opening and Membership procedures of Shorin-Ryu Life Style Inc. is available by sending email to Rodolfo P. Gerochi  at dolf8gerochi@yahoo.com or call # 416-621-3654.


Date:  December 21, 2013    Voice Recordings  (Test Message)



Click for music >>>>  AFAREWELLLETTER_MAIT




December 21, 2013

To  All Members:

1).  Dynamic LifeStyle of Shorin-Ryu Inc.

2).  Dynamic Circle Philippines

Click the above postings to see if the links are working.  Complete the following form and submit your comments.  I plan to  use of this method of communication with all members of our Organization.  To actually hear my recorded voice message will strengthen your personal rapport with me.    It could also  facilitate  faster delivery of information to all of you.  I am requesting for your feedback on this so that I could decide whether or not to use this as our means of communication.

Thank you all, Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sensie Oplod


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