9-9-1). Personality Dynamics




Brief History of Personality Dynamics

December 22, 2013

To All Members:

1).  Dynamic Circle Philippines

2).  Dynamic LifeStyle of Shorin- Ryu

Our Organization is conducting a “Personality Dynamics Test” to determine the color classification of  Members.   There is no right or wrong  answers to the test. Your answers to the questions are based on your personal choices and in accordance with your  personality.  Our evaluation of the test will be  given to you together with the explanation of your personality based on your answers to the questions. We will also send you a copy of the logo showing the color of your character or  personality based on your answers to the test.

There are 4 steps in Personality Dynamics Procedures  as follows:

1.  Answering the questions.

2.  Selection of pictures or abstracts.

3.  Evaluation of answers and choices.

4.  Issuance of results with interpretation of personality colors.

For the first step,  download the questions to be answered by clicking   HERE  then follow the instructions.  The second step will be sent to you when we receive your answers to the questions in the first step.

If you have any doubts,  complete the form below and write your questions in the “Comments Box”.

Thanks for your co-operation.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sensie Oplod

December 22, 2013

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