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Memo:   A Certificate was awarded  to Rodolfo Gerochi by the Canadian Government as  confirmation of his newly acquired skills to organize and manage the newly founded  “Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu Inc.”   This Corporation was organized  to help the Canadian Community improve their health and fitness thru lifestyles that promotes   “Physical and Mental Strengths”.


January 11, 2014

Notice To Board of Trustees:
You have to act fast on this—I need a signed copy of your  article of incorporation and by-laws(need it before the end of January). just e-mail attached to me.  I will use it for our application  on Filipino Community Centre. I will e-mail the contract between the Dynamic Lifestyle and Dynamic Circle stating that—–Dynamic Lifestyle will act as service provider on behalf of Dynamic Circle (Please have it signed and return). To be qualified to use the space of the Filipino Community centre for free you have to be a non- profit Association. Net Income in the center will be split between the Dynamic Circle and Dynamic Lifestyle. I need to raise money so that I can register Dynamic Circle here in Canada as non-profit Association—-Canadian Community Centre will not accept non- Canadian Association.

January 10, 2014
EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW How Filipino Centre can benefit from Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu
          Newly founded Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin- Ryu  is committed and dedicated in providing wholesome activities for the youth and Filipinos associations in Toronto for more than a year now.   Its youth program has been beneficial to the demographical and priority area where it serve, by providing a hub for the youth to spend their extra energy and enhance good habit at an early age with the awareness of self-discipline and self-preservation through the practice of an ancient Art of Shorin-Ryu karate.
It has been a challenge for parents to maintain healthy activities for our youth— with Dynamic Lifestyle we can motivate the interest of the youth in the community by organizing them and develop their peer of expressions into worthwhile activities.
Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu is a youth service provider of Filipino Associations Like Sta. Barbaranhon Association of Toronto, Pototanon Circle; Janiuaynon Association; Guimbal Association of Canada, and Circulo Ilonggo Association of Toronto.  Through youth programs and recreational activities for seniors, Dynamic Lifestyle will develop the active participation of these groups and enhance the use of the Filipino Centre as a recreational hub and meeting place for the benefit of the Filipino community in general.
Apparently, leaders and officers of Filipino Associations here in Toronto are working employees who are very busy with their family and vocations.  In spite of unselfish effort of these people to serve for the common benefits of every Association, there is always a challenge that limits the growth and development needed to operate a successful group.  Planning; record keeping; Accounting; task delegating; and executions of plan are too much for volunteers and officers of every Association.  Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu is offering services to these Associations by training our youth to plan; facilitate; and operate events to serve and lighten the load of these officers.  Through intrinsic rewards by compensating in the form of Dynamic Points to volunteer members, Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu will motivate youths and seniors citizens to work for a common cause and serve for the general interest of the community within the geographical area of the Filipino Centre.
Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu although majority shares is owned by Rodolfo Gerochi being the founder and creator of the business concept, is committed to operate as a Social Enterprise, because the shares will be distributed among the social group of people who are dedicated and devoted to solve a social problem of the community.
It is stated in the by-laws of Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu Inc. that no shares of interest will be sold to the public other than members of Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu which is earned through the conversion of “Dynamic Point Cards” into shares of stock of the Corporation.  This is to insure that Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu Inc. stock holders will be discouraged to enrich him by selling his shares of stock. The vision of Sensei Rodolfo Gerochi doesn’t limit the growth of Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu in Canada alone, but with the calling or helping the Filipino youth through out the world by preserving Filipino values and culture using Shorin-ryu discipline as a tool of understanding and developing self-discipline with self-preservation or self-respect.  Through his vision, Sensei Rodolfo Gerochi has founded and organized “Dynamic Circle” a registered non-stock /non-profit Association in the Philippines that has been active since 2007 with more than 19 karate Instructors who are teaching and promoting in local universities, its present location is sponsored by Knight of Columbus with the main headquarter and “Dojo” inside the vicinity of Jaro Cahedral Catholic Church  ,Iloilo City.

December 7, 2013

To all Dynamic Shorin-Ryu Members:

Please provide the  following information and attach it  in your email  to :  “o.plod@yahoo.com”    for  your Membership Profile update.

Click  “HERE”  then  Click and open  your “PROFILE”  (Follow  instructions to update).

First Name : Middle Name : Family Name : Nickname/Alias : E-Mail Address : Tel. Number : Cell No. (Optional) : Address 1 Address 2 Occupation : Birth Date  :

Send Email to  Sensie Dolpo   (o.plod@yahoo.com)  if you have any questions.

Thanks you for your co-operation,

Ricardo P. Gerochi Jr.  Board Director – Dynamic Shorin-Ryu Life Style Inc.

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