9-5). Dynamic Life Style Members

Shorin-ryu by Chibana in 1933DSC05986

        (Incorporators & Stakeholders)





Rodolfo Gerochi's photo.



Rodolfo Gerochi

1).   Bong Castante                                                 Bong’s Profile

2).   Eugene Pestano                                              Eugene’s Profile

3).   Xavier Nava                                                     Xavier’s Profile

4).   Ricardo P. Gerochi                                          Ricardo’s Profile

5).   James Sinosa                                                  James’ Profile

6).   Eric R. Canonizado                                          Eric’s Profile

7).   Joe Eigo                                                           Joe’s Profile

8).   Richard David Divinagracia Juaneza               Richard’s Profile

9).   Adrien Luntao                                                   Adrian’s Profile

10).  Arthur Contapay                                              Arthur’s Profile

11). Joey Cabador                                                  Joey’s  Profile

12).  Rev. Benjie Hueler


14).  Dr. Israel Gonzales

15).  Joefil King

16.   Atty. Roderick Calanza

17).  John Lavelles

18).  Atty. Ricardo Ibaretta

19).  Atty Joel Allones

20).  Dindo Baldevarona

21).  Atty. Anthony Porras

22).  Ariel Aujero

23).  Hernan Casio

24).  Danilo Dumaplin

25).  Jaime Ascalon

26).  Charito Muyco Magno

27).  Teedam Hernandez

28).  Akit Villarin


30). Teresita Calanza

31).  Atty. Rene Enano

32).  Atty. Romeo P. Gerochi

33).  Ricardo P. Gerochi, Jr.

34).  Atty. RLeone N. Gerochi

35).  Michael Gerochi

36).  Rolando P. Gerochi

37).  Chris Contapay


39).  Joseph Eigo

40).  Rodolfo P. Gerochi

41).  Xavier Nava

42).  Michael Gerochi


44). John Natividad

45). Alex Pareno

46). Christito Contapay

47). Danilo Dumaplin

48). Roque Mallones

49). Atty. Rene Enano Jr.

50). Joselito Ganchero

51). Atty. RLeone Gerochi

52). Michael Uy Bico

53). Teedam Navara

54). Ma. Teresa Abad

55). Chit Muyco

56). Ronnie Dana


58). Johnny Uy Bico


60). Eric Sazon





Dynamic Shorin-Ryu Officers

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Attendance Reunion


(Click picture to see Officers)

Certificate of Incorporation


Rodolfo Gerochi
Rodolfo Gerochi 8:56am Jan 12
Features and Benefits                          Our special services features our “Dynamic point Cards” that will serve as an “Extrinsic” motivation for our students to work toward accomplishing their goals and objectives. These point cards will provide an incentive to deserving and dedicated students.                 Dynamic Lifestyle will be establishing an image not as a group of fighters but as a collection of assertive individuals with strong and well-rounded character who detest violence but will stand their ground if needed. The real objective of traditional karate is to prepare and master a fighting skill against bigger and stronger attacker using an element of surprise from a passive and disguising stance in un-intimidating gesture to communicate while talking his way out of trouble. It is already part of training in karate to act in a gentleman manner though in “life and death” situation before unleashing the outburst of speed and power.  A karate man should be relaxed and calm with ease but ready anytime—-it is in this very critical moment that a person can effectively and gently talk his way out.  Because if one is calm, would be attacker will calm down too—even the mentally sick person.  This general scenario is not easy to achieve….it needs training, self-confidence; and self-discipline with sincere attitude to respect others, which are the benefits acquired in practicing traditional Shorin-Ryu.
Features of Dynamic Lifestyle 1) Motivation through intrinsic rewards 2) Positive and Healthy Environment  3) Unique system that let beginners learn at their own pace 4) Proven self defense system that is effectively easy to learn and       Challenging to master. 5)  Limited students in a class 6) Awareness and self-discipline 7) Dynamic Lifestyle through the practice of Shorin-Ryu karate.
Benefits of Practicing Shorin-Ryu
 1) 10 Develop a well rounded character.
2) Meet new friends in a friendly atmosphere
3) Develop self-   confidence
 4) Strong basic and fundamental understanding of traditional philosophy of Shorin-Ryu.
5) Personalized teaching of Sensie Rodolfo with more than 35 years of Teaching the Art.
6) Develop a “Street Smart” attitude to  recognize danger signals and avoid Confrontations.
7) Relieve stress;firm-up muscles; lose weight  and inches in your waist with a purpose.


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