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Brief History of Karate in the Philippines
Latino Gonzalez was awarded with Presidential Honour by President Garcia in 1965 and President Macapagal in1969 for introducing karate in the Philippines and by founding the Philippines Amateur Karate Association with more than 300 Black Belters around the country. Latino Gonzalez was the first foreigner of Okinawa who holds the rank of Hanshi or Master. He was then considered as the Father of Philippine karate by starting his dojo in Qiuapo, Binondo Manila.  Along with his fame is his two son Roberto Gonzalez and Rolando Gonzalez who became a big name in the Philippine movie industry.  The Philippine Military Academy physical fitness program was supervised by Philippine Amateur Karate Association under the leadership of Latino.  The now highest ranking Hanshi Seikitshi Iha of kodukan Shorin-Ryu based in Lansing Michigan was once a junior Instructor of Latino for 11 months in the Philippines before Hanshi Iha migrated to America. Latino or “Oroki” in Japanese is the Author of “Technique of Okinawan Karate” which was published in 1975. Latino was also featured in the front cover of Black Belt magazine in 1979 edition, describing his Art of Shorin-Ryu as hard and fast.  The Philippine Amateur Karate Association (PAKA) was once the biggest Karate from 1965 to 1972 until the declaration of Martial Law by Ferdinand Marcos.  Under Presidential decree 1081, all existing Associations were disbanded including the Philippine Amateur Karate Association of Latino Gonzalez. On the same year Pres. Marcos appointed Dante Nagtalon (his classmate) to organize Philippine Karate Association (PKA).  With sufficient funding Nagtalon was able to merge all karate Associations including those who are not authorized and accepted in the international Standard.  During those times there are lots of karate schools that thrive without recognized diploma or certifications under the style they are teaching it is like “Mixed Martial Arts” of today.    Under the umbrella organization of Dante Nagtalon all the Instructors/Black Belters of Latino Gonzalez deserted him and put up their own schools to represent a seat in Philippine Karate Association (PKA). Latino who was once the head of the biggest Association in the Philippines was reduced to just representing himself as club director with a couple of students.                Licking his wound Latino went back to Iloilo to live peacefully in his house in Jalandoni where he placed a small dojo in his garage.  From that time on until he died in America, Latino Gozalez and his son Alejandro Gonzalez produced only one Black Belter in the name of Rodolfo Gerochi who became the lone representative of his school in Regional and National level of competition.  Rodolfo to this date produced several champions to continue the Legacy of the “Father of Philippine karate”.  He founded Dynamic Circle a non-profit corporation in the Philippines and Dynamic Lifestyle as a profit corporation in Canada. The son of Latino— Sensei Alejandro Gonzales is still the adviser of Rodolfo and the grandson Alecx (Rocky) Gonzalez is still active with Dynamic Circle hoping that the Gonzalez Family will still be remembered as karate family.
  • Abyan Nyo My appreciation Sensei Rodolfo Gerochi!….this article serves as a reminder to all of us. Where we came from and why we should be proud to continue the tradition…..God bless and more power!
  • Rodolfo Gerochi why am I doing this? I spent not a single penny to reach this level of learning the Art.  I owe that to “Pops” and Alejandro Gonzalez who nurtured me like a member of the family.  I fought hard to restore the legacy of the old man.  I fought until the …
  • Rodolfo Gerochi
    December 19, 2013

Personality Dynamics of Shorin-Ryu LifeStyle
Brief History
There are five forces of nature that influence  human behavior. In the past, and up to the present times, there is a need for many people to understand themselves,  to recognize their “Inner Strengths and  “Inner Weaknesses”.  For them to fully understand others, they must first understand themselves.  To fulfill their self-esteem and achieve success in life they have to understand and apply the basic principle of  “Personality Dynamics”. According to the teachings of Mushashii Miyamoto, author of “Books of Five Rings”, human existence is influenced by those five forces of nature which are the following:
       1).  Earth                          3).  Wind                    5). Water
       2).  Fire                            4).  Void
From the teachings, four (4) vocations are known and classified as follows:
1). Farmers who takes care of the Earth.
2). Merchants who challenges the Wind.
3). Artisants who behaves like Water.
4). Enforcers who controls Fire to maintain peace and order.
By understanding the Universal Forces of Nature, “Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu Inc.” embraces the true basic fundamental principles and use it as tools to understand, strengthen the rapport, and improve relationships among organization “Members”.
Historical background and theoretical application of these tools could be traced back to Hippocrates, Plato, and Aristotle.  However, these are primarily based on the teachings of David Keirsey, Caarl Hung, Don Lowrey, and Linda Berens.  The application of the theory has been useful  and successful.  This has been  verified, confirmed, and validated in many years of expert studies and observation on human behavior.
According to research studies, PERSONALITY DYNAMICS is a self-discovery instrument for “Members”, designed to provide the most accurate results possible due to the following:
1). It is delivered to “Members”  in a format that recognizes and addresses a variety of learning styles.
2).  The objective of understanding the Personality Dynamics is not just for “Members” to learn about individual differences, but to actually improve interpersonal relationship among other members by recognizing their personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses (Logos or Badges worn by members show their Colour which indicates their personality).
3).  Personality Dynamics is truly a valuable communication tool because it will not only enable  “Members” to understand others but will also enable them to understand themselves. We hope that with the use of  “Personality Dynamics” which teaches awareness of others,  it will lead to Members’ self-awareness.
Members’ success will  make “Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu”  successful in it’s  Youth Programme in the near future.
Rodolfo P. Gerochi
Board Director
Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu Inc.


Rodolfo Gerochi
Rodolfo Gerochi 11:13am Dec 9
Joe John Natividad 3rd Degree Black Belt, Okinawan Shorin Ryu
Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois USA Occupation: Entrepreneur, RN
Birthplace: Molo Iloilo City, Philippines
Started Karate at the age of 17. Was introduced by Laki Madlangbayan, to Sensei Adrien Luntao ( Shorin Ryu Black Belt and Instructor ). His first lesson came from Sensei Adrien Luntao and was introduce to various instructors namely: Sensei James Sinosa and Sensei Arthur Cuntapay where he spent majority of his training. Then he got introduced to and learned from Sensei Rodolfo Gerochi while training for his first competition. Also an integral part of his learning came from Sensei Eugene Pestano where he had learned various applications to everyday life situations.
Since then he became one of the instructors in Okinawan Shorin Ryu after achieving his first degree Black Belt promoted by Sensei Rodolfo Gerochi himself. He had instructed a small group of individuals who are passionate in learning the Art of Okinawan Shorin Ryu. These individuals are now respected members of our society and are great citizens who contributes to our society through their respective professions.
Karate had became his passion through all the years of training and instructing.
In the current world that we live in where everything evolves rapidly, tradition are often times at a greater risk of extinction. He believes that through our collective efforts as leaders of society and most especially of Dynamic Circle of Shorin Ryu Association of the Philippines and Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin Ryu Inc. we could preserve the said Tradition. Focusing our efforts to educate and improve the youths of our generation to become leaders is the key.

Dec. 9, 2013

This message was written and posted by James Sinosa: I would like to inform all members (black belt only) that: 1) we in the K of C Dojo is going to have a black belt, brown belt, and orange belt promotions and belting ceremonies on Dec. 26, 2013. 2)we are proposing that we are going to have a Dynamic Circle of Shorin-ryu Asso. of the Phil. Inc. Board of Trustees election on Dec. 20-24, 2013. All the members that could not come here in Iloilo are enjoined to have their votes cast here in the Dynamic Circle or in the Instructor’s Forum. A member is entitled to one vote each. I suggest that you vote for those members who reside here in the Philippines to compose the new set of Board of Trustees.  3)The members of the Committee on elections are Richard, Robert and Resty all are from the K of …C dojo. 4). All the votes cast from Dec. 20 to 24, 2013 will be counted and posted here in the Dynamic Circle and in the Instructor’s Forum.   5) Those who will be voted to compose the new Board of Trustees will again meet through teleconferencing on Dec. 26, 2013 at 6-8 p.m.to elect the new set of officers namely: President; Vice-president; Secretary; Treasurer and P.R.O. This is so because I am sure there are those who will be elected in the Board that resides in Metro Manila. Any suggestions, comments or reactions are very much solicited. Thank you very much God bless and may the Force be with you!!!   Richard David Divinagracia Juaneza likes this.
 Rich Gerochi
  • Dynamic Circle is a non Profit Association and Dynamic Lifestyle is  for profit Association—–please don’t get confused….our intention is honest and clear—-most of you have known me since you were kids….I didn’t have any issue of dishonesty and I will stand with that.  The plan is— our brothers abroad will help our youth in the Philippines.   I have a drafted  letter addressed to Inday Meriam Defensor Santiago….if we can help her win in the presidency—Dynamic Circle will be the backbone of kabataan barangay.  Our President in the person of Eugene Pestano my most senior student will take care of that.
    Eric R. Canonizado Sir Oplod, I am also a friend  and Collegue of Mechel her ( Miriam Defensor Santiago;s)  daughter in law who;s children are currently  their  ( the Defensor Santiagos  apo )  is very close to them right now. I can also ask her to consider the cause of Dynamic Circle and might help.

f18c  Rick resized oct 17, 2013

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Rodolfo Gerochi
Rodolfo Gerochi 8:04am Dec 4
Am I unlucky? all my Black Belters are professionals and no time to pass on my teachings…..who will continue the tradition for the next generation?  Let us support the lineage of Shorin-Ryu under Hanshi Latino Gonzalez….before the Father of Philippine Karate will be totally forgotten.   Click >> HERE
Richard David Divinagracia Juaneza I mean third generation Dynamic shorin ryu karateka :). I am lucky and proud to be part of Dynamic circle that came from the father of Philippine karate. God bless sensei.

 Rodolfo Gerochi
    • Rodolfo Gerochi Daw ma president gid si Madam….Gene ikaw lang da ang bahala——Dynamic Circle ang mauyat sang kabataang Baranggay.

In our website I will feature all my 16 Black Belts—-gina kasubo ko gid nga duha sa inyo ang wala ko na gina kilala si Jojo kag si Joefil.  So 14 na lang kamo tanan…palihog pabalo sa tanan ang akon nga panawagan we have 28 days more to go (indi ako gusto nga madala sila sa pamuhin). I don’t care kon duha na lang sa inyo ang mabilin—- Ang indi maka hatag sang testimony wala sang lugar sa website kag I will consider him as in active or I might forget about him.  please kon si sin-o ang sa Manila pahibalu-a si Atty Ibaretta kag si Atty Allones. ;si atty Calanza; kag si Atty Porras…indi man pag kalipati si Rev. Huelar kag si Atty Enano…..amo man si Dr. Israel Gonzales.
  • Unfortunately, we have to choose spending the fare money to his first semester down payment to la salle. Though he is a half scholar then, he progresses to a 75 percent due to academic performance this year. He missed the oppurtunity and experience and he is looking forward to openning new one once again. Also, remember our project in my website ? I will be meeting with potential investors and project owners this December for all the developements our site. I have also finished the feasibilty proposal for the farm and breeding development and they are sending good stocks and materials next tuesday from the States. That is what I wanted to talk to you over the phone. Anyways, I also would like to sponsor and possibly send a boy to school who will take care or be a helper in the small project gamefarm of SDC Dream Team that I am talking about. I would like to ask you if you have access to potential feeder boy who will also be trained and possibly helped my son Earl to put up a training dojo/school in Alfonso Cavite carrying Dynamic Lifestyle of Shorin-Ryu, Let me know if you want to talk about this offline and will find time to call you again if possible.

    “A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.” -Chinese proverb

    I had a lot of stories and testimonies to tell..but I’m not a good writer…I will tell it to you later..maybe on seminars and orientations if God is willing…principles and techniques I had learned from sensei Dolps and “pops”..We will sharpen your skills and will harden your defense..we will refresh you of the KARATE you learned..the art of empty hand fighting…

    I will do the honor of the first to vote for the new set of Board of Trustees. The persons I feel and knew to be competent who I perceived to be persons who will do their job well for the betterment of Dynamic Circle are: 1) Eugene Pestano (pasensiya ka na chief gabisyo spelling ka computer ko) 2)  . Roderick Calanza 3)   Bong Castante 4) Xavier Nava… 5) John Christian Lavilles 6) Tingtong  Ibarreta 7)  Terry Calanza Thea Calanza 9) Anthony Porras 10) Benjie Huelar 11) Arthur Contapay 12) Dindo Baldevarona 13)  Israel Gonzalez 14) Daryll Tabujara 15) Doming Tabujara. Please do vote. Your participation is a must. Vote for not less than five (5) but not more than fifteen (15) Board of Trustees.

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